We now are testing for COVID-19 RT-PCR 24 hours or less results, also15 min Antigen or Antibody test at Homes, Hotels and Prior to any event,!

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We Want You Healthy, Today! Home-Based Primary Care Service

with a 99.9% Patient Satisfaction.

Quick Response Time

Our medical team is fully primed to organize a visit within 60 minutes or less.

Fully Licensed Physicians and PA

All of our home visiting physicians and physician assistants are fully licensed and insured in their state.

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Multi-Lingual Staff and Physicians Available.

Only the Best for our Patients

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, professional and personal medical attention to our clients whenever they need it.

Proud Certified Member of the U.S. Travel Association

Doctors @ Your Home Provides Minor-Emergency, Quality Medical Attention to Patients in the Privacy, Convenience, and Comfort of their Hotel, Home, or Office

Because Your Health Should Not be a Hassel

“Thank you Dr Valor, you have treated me and my family with sincere care and respect. It is hard to find this quality of care anymore and we really appreciate it. It is what keeps us calling for Doctors at Your Home.”

A. Gaudreault


Doctors @ Your Home provides a wide variety of treatments including injury and illness medical care. Click HERE for a full list of treatments.

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Our professional and courteous staff are always on call for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in most areas.

Various Locations

Servicing locations worldwide such as New York, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Italy, Russia and many more.

Free Phone Consultations

FREE Medical Phone Consultations. Please give us a call with any questions you may have.

CDC COVID-19 Self-Checker

CDC COVID-19 Self-Checker

Use the CDC Self-Checker quick questionaire on their website to see if you should be tested or not. Use link below to navigate to CDC COVID-19 page then scroll down some till you see the Self-Checker link.

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Need help now? Try our Telemedicine services

Need help now? Try our Telemedicine services

We’ve partnered with Doxy to bring you simple world class access to Telehealth services. Now you can see a Doctor’s @ Your Home provider on-demand from your phone or computer.

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Get CDC’s latest travel updates on Zika sent to your mobile. Text PLAN to 855-255-5606
Are you a victim of domestic violence? If so, call the hotline now 1-800-799-7233

A moment of reflection and gratitude.

We are a healthcare organization which serves in a challenging, secured settings. In the days ahead, we will face unique and difficult challenges which will test our training and our resolve.

The healthcare services we deliver plays a vital role in the health and safety of our communities. Together, we will play a critical part in minimizing the impact of this pandemic on our society.

During these unprecedented times, as well as each and every day, please know Medical Professionals are valued and appreciated, and the work they perform contributes to the health and safety of the communities around you. Our Human Resources and Clinical Operations teams are taking critical steps to focus on our professional safety and to provide workplace policies and benefits to help support you to manage at work, and at home through the crisis.

Healthcare never sleeps, and with your unwavering commitment, we will rise to the occasion and persevere.

We are more than 100 strong as a company, and let’s support one another as well as our clients through this difficult time. Reach out when in need.

Though it can never be said enough…“Thank you for your service”.

Jose B Gardens PA, CHE, CHCQM.