We continue testing for COVID-19 RT-PCR Test , with our 15 min Antigen or Antibody test at Home, Hotels or Prior to any mayor event! Antibody testing is the only way to know whether you have an efficient level of immunity to protect yourself or your family against the virus.
We also provide FLU shots at home or in your Yacht.

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We Want You Healthy Today! Providing World Wide TELEMEDICINE Services and Now HOME IV INFUSION TREATMENTS.

Try our new Detoxification, our Immune Boost IV today by one of our
license IV Nurses.

Quick Response Time

Our medical team is fully primed to organize a visit within 60 minutes or less.

Fully Licensed Physicians and PA

All of our home visiting physicians and physician assistants are fully licensed and insured in their state.

Hablamos Español

Multi-Lingual Staff and Physicians Available.

Only the Best for our Patients

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, professional and personal medical attention to our clients whenever they need it.

Proud Certified Member of the U.S. Travel Association

Doctors @ Your Home Provides Minor-Emergency, Quality Medical Attention to Patients in the Privacy, Convenience, and Comfort of their Hotel, Home, or Office.
Telemedicine services all around the USA.

Because Your Health Should Not be a Hassle

“Thank you Dr Valor, you have treated me and my family with sincere care and respect. It is hard to find this quality of care anymore and we really appreciate it. It is what keeps us calling for Doctors at Your Home.”

A. Gaudreault


Doctors @ Your Home provides a wide variety of treatments including injury and illness medical care. Click HERE for a full list of treatments.

Physicians & Medical Staff
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Our professional and courteous staff are always on call for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in most areas. See locations.

Various Locations

Servicing locations worldwide such as New York, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Italy, Russia and many more.

Free Phone Consultations

FREE Medical Phone Consultations. Please give us a call with any questions you may have.

CDC COVID-19 Self-Checker

CDC COVID-19 Self-Checker

Use the CDC Self-Checker quick questionaire on their website to see if you should be tested or not. Use link below to navigate to CDC COVID-19 page then scroll down some till you see the Self-Checker link.

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Need help now? Try our Telemedicine services

Need help now? Try our Telemedicine services

We’ve partnered with Doxy to bring you simple world class access to Telehealth services. Now you can see a Doctor’s @ Your Home provider on-demand from your phone or computer.

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Get CDC’s latest travel updates on Zika sent to your mobile. Text PLAN to 855-255-5606
Are you a victim of domestic violence? If so, call the hotline now 1-800-799-7233

We continue redefining Healthcare delivery thought our Mobile House call and Virtual Healthcare system.

                                               How our Care system Work.

 Urgent medical care when you need it. [Acute care]

Same-day, medical interventions in the home that provide an alternative for unnecessary/non-emergent ER visits. Our care team includes a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner, they are always supported by an emergency medicine or internal medicine physician if necessary. Lab and procedure with diagnostics are available, also IV fluids or medications if needed, and Referrals if warrant.

                            In your home hospital alternative

Hospital Care. Our care team consists of a hospitalist-trained internist, supported by a team of advanced practice providers and a nurse care coordinator. Service includes daily rounding, nursing, physical therapy, care coordination, and ADL support if needed.

Our Team evaluates gaps in care plan and makes the appropriate adjustments to ensure a smooth, safe transition from hospital to home. Care team consists of a medical technician and a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, virtually supported by an emergency medicine physician when needed.

                                                    *Post hospital.

Readmission avoidance for high-risk patients via a home visit 24 – 72 hours post-discharge is important to a good outcome, Our team evaluates gaps in the patients care plan and makes the appropriate adjustments to ensure a smooth, safe, and effective transition from hospital to home. Our care team consists of a medical technician a physician assistant or nurse practitioner, virtually supported by an emergency medicine physician as needed.

Follow-up visit for patients are done within 48 hours of discharge from the ED. Medication reconciliation, condition specific assessment and care planning is done and essential to our goal.

                                                    *Outpatient support.

We provide visits to high utilizers with our general assessment and education so to encourage use of our services and reduce unnecessary use of ED.

D@YH have been providing our quality and cost-effective in-Home patient care system for over 13 yrs. now.


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D@YH “we send the doctor to you”