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Doctors @ Your Home is Now Seeking Medical Staff

We send the doctor to you

Doctors @ Your Home is an on call Medical Concierge Service and home-based primary care service with a team of Physicians and Physicians Assistants, who are accredited, fully insured, and licensed by the Department of Health in the United States.

Our physicians and physician assistants are equipped to perform all services you would find in an urgent care facility. We can perform simple tests in the comfort of your home with results within minutes.

All Treatments

Our most common requested treatments include cough, congestion, urinary tract infection, nausea and vomiting, headaches, upper respiratory infections, and strep throat.


One of our affiliated Travel Insurance Company calls the 800 number here at our Corporate Office in Miami, Florida. The insurance company gives us the patients name, phone number, symptom(s), location and verification number so that a practitioner may visit with them. A Doctors @Your Home Inc. representative at the corporate office then contacts your office, providing you with that information so that a licensed practitioner may visit the patients at their hotel, resort, private home or office to provide medical attention. The practitioner will be fully and medically equipped and meet with the patient within 60 minutes or less, ready with a plan of action to provide quality medical care, professionalism and service so that our patient(s) may continue with their day.


After the visit, the practitioner is required to fax or fill out online the History and Physical Report (which will be provided to you by our corporate office) along with the patient’s signature of consent form within 24 hours. Our corporate office then reviews and confirms receipt and the practitioner is paid a fee per patient, which is paid every two weeks. The practitioner is responsible for documenting and faxing the necessary documents for all of the patients they have seen within the last two weeks.

*We are not a substitute for trauma-related events. All traumatic or life-threatening related events should be handled and forwarded to an emergency unit, such as a hospital. Any symptoms outside the scope of the practitioners understanding or treatment should be referred to the nearest hospital for further evaluation.